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CristalCheck CristalCheck provides users with a simple, hand-held, data collection tool for all areas of quality and risk management. Protect your business by improving your decision making in key areas of operation. CristalCheck gives you the power of knowledge. Whether you need to know if your food hygiene system is operating effectively, or whether your guests experience is satisfactory, CristalCheck has the answer. If you manage a hotel, guesthouse, or even a restaurant, check out CristalCheck today. It is a free download from the Appstore.

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HotelCheck offers questionnaires that cover the main areas of hotel, guest house, and restaurant management; completing the questionnaire should provide an insight into areas of your property that may be struggling, or, at the least, identify those that are being managed effectively.

Areas Covered

  • Food Hygiene - HACCP, suppliers, pest control, etc.
  • Fire Safety - Equipment, escape routes, lifts, etc.
  • Pool / Spa / Waterparks - Pool facilities, water quality, supervision, etc.
  • Water Safety - Legionella, contamination, regular testing, etc.
  • Children Safety - Staff, supervision, facilities, etc.
  • Crisis Management - Planning, procedures, regular reviews, etc.


  • General Safety - Hazards, balconies, room safety, etc.
  • Security - Staff, equipment, perimeters, etc.
  • Excursions - Suppliers, documentation, reviews, etc.
  • Fuel & Energy - Appliances, maintenance, emergency procedures, etc.
  • Transport - Vehicles, drivers, procedures, etc.
  • Disabled Access - Policies, wheelchairs, information provision, etc.

Multifaceted Self-Assessment

CristalCheck puts you in control. Each audit module is presented in an intuitive way that is easy to use. Questions are simple and objective. Each completed audit will give you an understanding of what you need to do. Each module includes:

Mobile and Tablet
  • Objective questions with multiple choice answers
  • Guidance notes for each answer
  • A notepad to record memos for later action
  • A camera for recording visual records
  • Percentage efficiency scores and the end of the module
  • Corrective actions management that allows for improved scores
  • Graphs and benchmarked reports
  • Listing on marketing websites so you can attract new customers*
  • PDF reports for internal and external use*
  • Certificates of compliance when benchmarks are exceeded*

*Pro users only (requires upgrade)

Watch Our Video

The video is a quick insight into the CristalCheck app, and how it can help your business.

Pricing Packages

CristalCheck puts you in control. Each audit module is presented in an intuitive way that is easy to use. Questions are simple and objective:

HotelCheck (Free) HotelCheck Plus (£44.99) HotelCheck Pro (£99.99)
Audits & Standards
Multiple Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Regular Audits 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Properties 1 3 3
Comprehensive Questionnaire
PDF Reporting
Certificate Generation
TourCheck Property Listing

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